At this time no concrete evidence is available which connects the building to the NSA – for more information read The Intercept's article in full. Save this picture! 33 Thomas Street, New York City.

NSA: Listening to everyone — except oversight - Reuters 2013-8-27 · NSA: Listening to everyone — except oversight. 11 Min Read. ILLUSTRATION: Matt Mahurin . James Bamford. For 35 years the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has … NSA Turned Germany Into Its Largest Listening Post in Europe 2014-6-17 · It is “the NSA’s most important listening station in Europe,” with around 240 intelligence analysts working there in 2011. The facility’s official name is the European Center for Cryptology. The NSA Is Still Listening To You - 2009-9-11 · The NSA Is Still Listening To You By Joel Skousen But the new law does away with this requirement, and now the NSA does not even have to identify the targets of its surveillance at all as long as it is targeting people outside the U.S., leaving the agency free, for example, to target human rights activists or media organizations overseas

2015-8-3 · On July 31, WikiLeaks published “Target Tokyo,” a list of 35 Top Secret NSA targets in Japan and five NSA reports on intercepts relating to U.S.-Japan relations, trade negotiations, and

2013-10-26 · US intelligence operates 80 listening posts worldwide, including 19 in European cities, and targetted Angela Merkel's phone from 2002 to 2013, according to new eavesdropping leaks Teufelsberg - NSA's abandoned listening station

Point #3: The Bush-NSA spying was not authorized by any of these laws. Title III and ECPA govern domestic criminal wiretaps and are not relevant to the NSA's spying. FISA is the law under which the NSA should have operated.

Jan 27, 2014 · This NSA complex gathers intelligence collected from the geostationary satellites, as well as signals from other spacecraft and overseas listening posts. About 850 NSA employees track the satellites, transmit target information, and download the intelligence haul. Jul 12, 2017 · Some argue the program served its means of safeguarding the US against terrorist plots, but regardless of one’s political views, Snowden’s revelation caught the NSA red-handed in a huge cover-up.