In all, the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority has agreed to pay more than $500,000 in settlements to female former employees since 2017 who said they were mistreated.

Mar 24, 2012 · Third, the settlement they are asking for at is $200. Is this a trusted web site? Is this a legit website? Is there a remote possibility they could steal my bank account info if I pay them? Lastly, if this is indeed all very real and legit, should I pay them? Jan 02, 2011 · Known as "reverse payment settlements" or "pay-for-delay" settlements, these arrangements are characterized by payments from pharmaceutical patent holders to generic manufacturers in return for settling challenges to the patent's validity, and for delaying the introduction of generics into the market. Apr 01, 2010 · So when i read it last night, out of being retarded and freaked out, when i went to the copyright settlements site i emailed them through the "contact" area and sent them an email asking what was Mar 27, 2013 · And the very existence of a copyright notice might discourage infringement. Finally, including a copyright notice may make it easier for someone to track down a copyright owner and legitimately obtain permission to use the work. What is a valid copyright notice? A copyright notice should contain: the word “copyright” a “c” in a circle (©)

If your downloading habits have scored you a copyright infringement notice (or allegation) asking you to pay a settlement amount, you don't have to pay it.A spokesman for Industry Minister James

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS DAVID Y. IGE GOVERNOR CATHERINE P. AWAKUNI COLÓN DIRECTOR STEPHEN LEVINS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF CONSUMER PROTECTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 12, 2015 State Announces $158 Million Mobile Cramming Settlements with Sprint and Verizon HONOLULU – The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ (DCCA) Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), […]

For example, you might not be permitted to obtain a copyright in a creative work that you yourself created if you did so "for hire." For instance, if you work as a graphic designer at an advertising agency, you are unlikely to be able to copyright the ads that you design. Rather, the copyright protection will accrue to your employer.

"The aim of the copyright holders, or copyright trolls, is never to take any of the cases to trial. Instead they want alleged infringers to pay a substantial cash settlement to make legal action go away. Some equal this scheme to extortion, but the copyright holders say they are merely protecting their work." November 21, 2012