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TrustZone for Cortex-M – Arm TrustZone technology for Arm Cortex-M processors enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for IoT devices. The technology reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security firmware, assets and private information from the rest of the application. Rust OP-TEE TrustZone SDK Background • ARM TrustZone provide trusted execution environment in mobile phone and embedded devices • TrustZone secures mobile payment, identification authentication, key management, AI models, DRM,OS integrity, etc. Trust.Zone VPN - Fast Speeds But Sketchy Support (Review) May 28, 2019 Trust.Zone VPN Review - Fast & Secure, But Also Limited

Oct 23, 2017

ARM TrustZone, a security extension that provides a secure world, a trusted execution environment (TEE), to run security-sensitive code, has been widely adopted in mobile platforms. With the increasing momentum of ARM64 being adopted in server markets like cloud, it is likely to see TrustZone being adopted as a key pillar for cloud security. Unbox Your Phone — Part I.. Summary | by Daniel Komaromy

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Jun 14, 2017 Overview of Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update For Arm® TrustZone ® STM32 microcontrollers, a Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update solution is provided in the corresponding STM32Cube MCU Package . Contrary to the solution proposed in the X-CUBE-SBSFU STM32Cube Expansion Package , it is based on open-source TF‑M (Trusted Firmware for Arm ® Cortex®‑M) reference implementation. GitHub - openenclave/openenclave: SDK for developing enclaves The current implementation provides support for Intel SGX as well as preview support for OP-TEE OS on ARM TrustZone. As an open source project, this SDK also strives to provide a transparent solution that is agnostic to specific vendors, service providers and choice of operating systems.