Open Microsoft Edge. In the address bar at the top, type then press enter.

Jul 09, 2009 google chrome computer - Best Buy Google - Pixelbook Go 13.3" 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Chromebook - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Just Black Model : GA00526-US SKU : 6382919 How to download Google Chrome on my laptop - Quora Just open up your browser and type in there Google Chrome or head it over here for online installer : Chrome Web Browser If you want offline installer then you can how to install google chrome onto your computer step by Apr 27, 2011

On a computer connected to the Internet, download the alternate Chrome installer. Move the file to the computer where you want to install Chrome. Open the file, and follow the onscreen instructions

Screenshot by Ed Rhee If you're restricted from installing software on your computer (maybe at the office) or you prefer not to use the Google Talk client, the Chrome extension is a nice alternative. We will use the built-in Safari browser on your Mac to download and install Google Chrome. Open Safari from your Dock. How to Fix Issues with Netflix On a Windows PC. Download Google Chrome. To download Google Chrome, you may straightforwardly visit its official website or on the download at the end of this article. It is compatible with all major operating system. Therefore, when the process of download Google Chrome is finished, you can directly install in your PC. So recently, I've been having some issues with Google Chrome on my Windows 10. It just doesn't load up so I had decided to uninstall it via control panel and then reinstall it. Every time I attempt to install it now; it just gives me the downloading box without any updates for several hours and doesn't download.

Downloading Chrome For PC/Mac/Linux Go to the Google Chrome website. Click Download Chrome. Determine if you want Chrome as your default browser. Click Accept and Install after reading the Terms o

Fix problems installing Chrome - Google Chrome Help