9 links to check out what Google knows about you

May 25, 2018 Google Keeps Your Data Forever - Unlocking The Future Wayne Rosing, when he was VP of Engineering at Google, once told me that Google saves every bit of data from people's searches and puts it onto tapes and ship it off to a storage facility. Why does Google collect all that data I asked? We don't know, but we collect it all, he said.These days Google has a better answer but it continues to save al How to see everything Google knows about you - Business


29 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Google (But Should

May 25, 2018

Here's how well Google's search engine knows you | The Verge Sep 19, 2014 I Stopped Using Google As My Search Engine, Here’s Why Mar 05, 2018 Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google