it depends on how they are throttling you, if they have it setup so that online gaming gets throttles but computers dont, you can setup a router to have a VPN and push all the traffic through the VPN and the company will not be able to see what the traffic is, only that there is a connection. that might fix the issue, if they throttle all connections your just shit out of luck.

Jun 04, 2020 How to Stop ISP Data Throttling - Fastest VPN Guide It’s a very safe download that should be available at very high speeds at all times of day and night. If you are unable to download the file at a reasonable rate, once again, your ISP could be throttling your torrents. Getting around BitTorrent throttling (or any P2P for that matter) is just as easy as in all the other cases mentioned above. How to Bypass ISP Throttling and Data Cap 2020 - PrivacySniffs

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Apr 10, 2020 Stop Your ISP from Throttling BitTorrent Speeds The Wired How To Wiki details several ways to get around ISP traffic shaping, from encrypting your traffic and changing your default port number to reducing or hiding your transfers. Following

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