o·ver·play (ō′vər-plā′) v. o·ver·played, o·ver·play·ing, o·ver·plays v.tr. 1. a. To present (a dramatic role, for example) in an exaggerated manner. b. To emphasize or stress unduly. 2. To overestimate the strength of (one's holding or position) with resulting defeat: overplayed his hand and lost the game. 3. …

OVERPLAY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary overplay meaning: 1. to make something seem more important than it really is: 2. to make something seem more…. Learn more. Overplay - Daily Crossword Answers Dec 30, 2017 OverPlay

‘The director of the Edinburgh Film Festival said the film was influential but its overall importance was overplayed in Scotland.’ ‘Their major claimed benefits may overplay the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise and underplay issues such as social conflict, cultural difference and opportunism.’

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Synonyms for overplay it include overact, exaggerate, ham, overdo it, overplay, melodramatize, overemphasise, overemphasize, go overboard and ham it up. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

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